This Will Be An Everlasting Love!

Hey, Maniacs! Happy Hump-day! How are y’all doing? How’s your heart? Where’s your headspace? I hope you are still taking care of you in healthy, hearty, wholesome ways!

Usually, I have Hump-day post that show the new things that I have tried during the week. However, there has been this topic that has been sitting on my head for the past week or so. LOVE- A four letter word whose original implications have been transformed by society throughout the years. I am not sure what has sprung this leak, but I want to contribute my thoughts on this issue in hopes to slow down the bleeding. Will it help? Does it matter? Who knows. But, I LOVE YOU all anyways.

Did he just say “I LOVE YOU”? Ah, hell, no! RUUUUUUN!


I Love You, I Love You, I Love You.

For some reason those three words carry contradictory connotations with them. Oh, the sheer terror when you tell someone you love then is enough to make your heart Double-Dutch beats ahead in excitement yet make you want to run and hide. Saying I LOVE YOU is tough for some people. Perhaps it’s the possibility that they may not hear it back or that they’re afraid they will scare a person off. I do not know how we got into a world where saying we love someone has become such a crime, but LOVE–in its purest form–is a beautiful thing. Love is waking up and realizing that your heart is beating, lungs are breathing and your brain is thinking. Love is being able to endure so much pain and hardship in life yet still give love to those who will willingly receive it anyways.

So, where have we missed the plot? When did love become such a weapon of mass destruction instead of being an intimate declaration that accepts, heals and inspires others to spread love? I have no idea.

Though, Lust is definitely the “L” word that our society is big on. The lust for violence, drama, superficial beauty, reality television, the constant drivel of politics and religions. Our minds have been programmed to lust after these images that we are told should be what we want each and every day. Oh, but the thing with Lust is that it always has to be fulfilled constantly. Like a drug addict searching for a fix, that lust is an anesthetic for the absence of what we really seek: Love. Trying to replace Love with Lust is like trying to fill a bucket of water that is porous throughout. Good luck with that, because your cup will never runneth over when you are losing what you are meant to be giving.

I always say that Lust will spend the night, but true Love stands firm, bridging the gap that lust will never fill. LUST will bail when life gets tough, but LOVE, in all its benevolently affirming power, will transcend time, space, and even death itself.

Another reason why people are afraid of love? I’d definitely sympathize with the cynical sentiment that us humans tend to use it as a weapon of misuse.

What does that mean? It means someone will tell you they love you but often their definition of love is completely tainted with bitterness, judgement, past hurt, asininely condescending thoughts, words or actions to back it up. If you think their verbal, physical or emotional abuse is their way of showing you they care, let me dispel that negatively projected affirmation: You would be WRONG.

giphy (1)
Abuse of any kind is not love. This is a misnomer of love that plagues many people these days. LOVE will not hurt you or make you feel less than human or less than a spiritually-balanced being. LOVE liberates, grows, strengthens, inspires, cherishes and if one is so blessed, it’ll appreciate over time.

Love may be firm, concerned, thoughtful, worried and protective to the point where you wonder if your mom constantly nagging you about certain things is her way of showing she cares. But, Maniacs, in my experience, one thing Love cannot be is anything but pure and genuine in its true form. Abuse and reckless neglect is NOT a form of Love. That person you blindly associate with in some way or another is just one of the many walking, talking, breathing victims of someone else who told them that their abuse was love. Run from these folks, as their perspective of Love is dangerous and has created this vicious cycle in humanity where the perception of Love is that no such true thing exist due to their infectious actions and abusive ways.

What is LOVE? Well, there is no one definition that is ubiquitous, but for me it has been the little nudges from those people assigned to me in my life pushing me forward, lending their shoulder to cry on, feeding my emaciated soul when all I hungered for was genuine connections yet all I could find were superficial ones. Love is what saved me from ending my life early, from popping those pills, from cutting my veins, from running my car off the road due to the lack of what I yearned.

Most importantly however, Love is not always what you receive from others; It is also a gift that you must give to yourself every single day! Now, I don’t mean go out into your place of business or the local grocery store or the church-house you worship in believing that you are superior to others. Once again, you are just an egotistical jackass with an inner Napoleon complex. Love for yourself is quiet, firm in its silence and it radiates from a place of peace–not from the facade of arrogance that is shown through social media and any form of media nowadays.

When you love yourself, people can tell. Your aura unbeknownst to you, glows like a light in the darkest of rooms, attracting all types of people to it–hurt, healed or otherwise. Is there a downside to attracting a lot of people? Yes! But your discernment will become more acute overtime and you’ll still manage to love those that are meant to be in your life at the best of your ability. Remember: it all starts with love for yourself. For how you love you is how others will be trained to as well.

Okay, Maniacs, I think I got most of my thoughts on this topic out for today. Can these change? Absolutely! My interpretation of love is not concrete, but it is my interpretation written out from the mouth of my soul. So, 25 years on this Earth so far, I guess my definition of love is not so bad in accordance to what is being taught these days, eh? Maybe I am wrong, but that is neither here nor there. I am just a messenger after all. A messenger who tells a truth formed from his education of life thus far.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post, as one of my goals on this blog is to preach about things that bring us closer to having intense clarification on our hearts, minds and bodies; I fervently believe that LOVE is at the center of all of that. With all that being said, there may be a part 2 to this sometime in the future. Keep your eyes open, chins up and hearts safe, Maniacs! Have a great week and chat with you guys soon!



–CAM ❤




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