“Who’s There To Save The Hero?”

Happy Sunday, Maniacs! I hope this message finds you well and in a better place then when we last spoke. It’s the beginning of a new week and we are halfway through July! That means it’s only a few more months until the Holidays! Okay, I apologize for putting that traumatic thought on your plate. Let’s handle that time when it comes and focus on the present.

I’ve noticed a pattern with my post ever since I started this blog. I tend to post on Sundays and then midweek consistently. Perhaps it’s because I know that Sunday is the cornerstone at which our week begins. Then once we reach that mid-week slump hump of a day, we could all use motivation to press forward or be inspired to help others do the same. I will continue to do those days but am also wondering if I should have like, “Short=Story Saturdays” or something cute and different–fictional or otherwise. Let me know your thoughts in the comments or email me your opinions.

Today, I want to talk briefly about self-care in regards to those that we allow into our deep inner circle and how without them, we cannot take care of others outside the circle at the best of our abilities.

The world is on fire, overwhelmed by sickness, trickery, heartbreak, war, deceit. Yet, you stand there, steadfast and gallant with an ‘S’ on your chest, ready to counteract the abysmal darkness that seems to shroud society. People look to you for your vigor, spiritual and mental aptitude to make the world a better place starting with their lives, their needs, their wants. You being the acclaimed superhero that you are, acquiesce to the call that tugs on your ear and pulls on your heart strings.

The Hero. The Savior for those that cannot save themselves.

But what happens when you need to be saved? Who is your confidant, your person that you lean on for strength, comfort, soulful rejuvenation? You may think that you can fight lonesomely from forever to beyond with no problems. But the truth is, we cannot fight alone and we aren’t meant to.

For instance: Superman, with his uncanny strength, laser vision, and altitude-defying ability of flight would make him seem like the total package that can take on the world all by his himself. That perhaps he doesn’t need anyone to keep him going. Surprise; That’s not the case. Besides saving those that cannot save themselves, what makes Clark Kent’s life worth living besides his moral responsibility to the public? LOVE. His love for Lois Lane–his confidant, his world, his strength beyond any physical force he can muster.

“L, is for the way you look at me. O, is for the only one I see. V, is very very extraordinary, E is even more than anyone that you adore can LOVE.”


If Superman needs someone in his corner, what makes you think that you, as a one-man army, can alienate yourself from the possibility of being saved and encouraged by someone else? Is it hard to trust people? Yup! Should you trust everybody? Nope! But life has a way of bringing those who will strengthen us, push us and galvanize us to do what it is that life would have us do.

My circle of confidants is very small and if I ever make the mistake of adding someone who is detrimental to myself or others in my circle, they must be ousted ASAP. You see, you are only as good as the company that you keep. Self-Care is not just about how you perceive yourself, it is also about who you let into your space, who is whispering into your ear when you ask for advice or plead for sympathy/empathy. Believe me, from experience, it can make all the difference in where you go, how far you go and how you get there.

So as you begin this new week, evaluate those around you. If you have your people, your tribe, your fellowship, hang onto them tight and don’t be afraid to express your gratitude and love towards them. If they messed up and the problem seems like it can be forgivable, talk it out–you may both just need to gain understanding on what happened and what needs to happen next. You are all you each have, do not forget that and cherish the blessing that you do not have to be alone.

That’s all that is on my mind for today, Maniacs. Remember to take care of you this week, and if no one else has said it, I will: I LOVE YOU!


–CAM ❤

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