A Hot-Chili-Peppered Mess!

Hello, Maniacs! Hope you guys are having a great weekend and an even happier Sunday! This is going to be a bit of a dual-post, so bear with me!

Did you take care of yourselves this week? Did you try something new? Did you spice up your life?

Speaking of spice, I went to go see the newest Marvel movie, Ant-Man and The Wasp–which was awesome, I recommend it–and I generally bring my own snacks into the movies with me in my murse(man purse). Prior to the flick, I went to Walgreens and gave in to one of my many edible addictions, chocolate. I get to the register and the cashier tries to convince me to try these new “flavored” Snickers bars. Those bars can defy any resistance to become gluttonous by themselves, but when she told me that one of the flavors was chili-pepper and that she liked it, I turned my nose up and wondered if she knew what kind of human being I was to try such a concoction. However, in the spirit of trying new things, I gave it a shot.

The first bite was the usual heavenly sensation of the chocolate and caramel instantly melting into your taste buds. So far so good, right? Well, fast forward from that heaven and you speedily dive down into hell! The spiciness kicked in and made a bed to lay in on my tongue for a good 20 minutes! It didn’t taste horrible, but it wasn’t the best. I describe it as ‘deliciously awful.’ In the words of the great TLC song: “Don’t go chasing waterfalls, please stick to the rivers and the lakes that you are used to.” Noted!

Their comedic and romantic chemistry in this movie was brilliantly displayed! Totally recommend seeing this! Paul Rudd and Evangeline Lilly were choice! 🙂
Chili-Pepper Snickers. Blah! Deliciously Awful. A bit of an oxymoron, but that’s the best way I can describe it!



Here’s where this post takes a direction of dejection. Do you ever have flashbacks from a certain smell, sound, taste? This is one of my most recent experiences. Kind of somber, but since my theme is “Naked and Unafraid” I thought that I would share.

I can still hear your feet tapping on the vinyl wood, scurrying with excitement for dinner, snack time or when your leash was audible. I didn’t mean to become all woeful in my nostalgia. As a matter of fact I came down to the basement for toilet paper. But then I saw it: Your crate, clean as a fresh whistle and emptied, with little remnants of you left behind except for your decaying hair follicles and a half eaten bag of your food.

“Memories may be beautiful and yet, What’s too painful to remember, We simply choose to forget”

I wish you were still here to finish the rest of it. I wish you were present to annoy me with your incessant barking at UPS trucks or solicitors that constantly fled when you chased them away from behind the glass door.

Your family misses you, Duncan. We still hear you, smell you, expect you to greet us at the door with your ears on fully erect and tail whipping back and forth drumming against whatever wall or object is in its way. We are currently trying to find another furry pal to take your place within your physical absence while you’re now away on your permanent vacation in a celestial paradise. Please direct us to a dog that is as nice and annoyingly loving as you are. Run free, Duncan. ❤


Have a great week guys! Take care of yourselves! I’ll check in with you midweek!


  1. You are ENOUGH.
  2. You are worthy of LOVE from yourself.
  3. You are worthy of LOVE from others.
  4. Don’t let anyone dim your light. SHINE bright and unapologetically!


–CAM ❤

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