The Reality

Hello, fellow Camaniacs…

Not to state the obvious elapsing of time since I last shared, but things have been so foggy. In this country what was once “reality” has shifted tremendously for more people than others I believe. A pandemic that has ravaged the world, divisiveness that has gotten many out of touch with the shared human experience and fostered this strong allegiance to “sides” that aren’t getting anything done but causing uproar, to job loss, extreme grief and heartache, collective traumas in addition to personal traumas–where do I start and where do I finish?

At the moment, I would like to get back to posting on here as I am not the same person I was since the last post and I don’t think you as my readers are either. If you have remained the same prior to the pandemic, you are either a zombie or a professional avoider who has the privilege to not be affected by any of the cataclysmic events that are not only in our faces but shoved into our beings everywhere we look.

I’m not sure what this post was to accomplish, but this site, my former safe place (The internet? Safe? Wishful thinking I know) has been on my mind for a while now and I suppose this is my check-in. What I can tell you is that if I find time and energy aside from surviving the tribulations life has brought, the content will shift a tiny bit.

I used to write from a slight imbalance of optimism while negating a flow of openness to the realism of life. I’ve been told I am a person who has a light in them that cannot be extinguished. I think I took that as I’m meant to brighten lives but in addition to that, I am beginning to further lean into the idea that some lights are also meant to set aflame and anoint old soil–I have a lot of old soil in my yard personally. They will be the future as they burn the mercilessly detrimental, greedy, shallow as a kiddie pool world-view while incinerating bad patterns and habits that hold us all back from being a society that is indeed for all while promoting authenticity and to be loved for it.

Sounds like a utopia but what a dismissive insult that is as there have been many former leaders who had visions, dreams, and prophecies of a better tomorrow. Imagine if they never stepped to the forefront and blazed a trail for the better? Spoiler alert: The entire populace would’ve remained stagnant in mindset and we’d still be operating in 2020 as if it were the extremely prejudice and unbearable 1950’s.

“If you don’t like it, leave it!” screamed the silently demoralized, complacent, served by societal ways, void of humility, vacant of empathy homo-sapiens from their fragile pedestals. But that’s not exactly constructive, is it? Perhaps I’m a rambling mouthpiece who needs to shut up and remain in my place of a class in the feudalistic government relatable to meer peasantry? NO.

The marginalized and those really suffering the past two years have begged for help and those who could give it refuse. How do we change a world when those who live beside us are crippled and hurt in ways beyond comprehension. Can a soul pushed all the way to hell still be transfigured to something more angelic? Can God still perform miracles? These days it seems far and few between if you let the media tell it.

I still believe we can be better and do better, but most are either too damn tired, heartbroken, burned out, depressed, full of piss and vinegar or so much the polar opposite that we cannot meet in the middle to form any collaborative effort to create a harmonious cohabitation of any sort.

Oh, Camaniacs…you see? So much material and ground to cover. This soil we live on needs a swift reseeding because the crops we are growing from it are beginning to visibly wither while affronting all of my senses.

“This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine. Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine.”

I hope your light is being used to transform our reality instead of enforcing one where others feel the need to incessantly escape it. Until next time, whenever that may be, stay kind, genuinely loving, learn true empathy and be a change for a better tomorrow, because the truth is God is waiting on us.


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