“Pour some wine for the Queen Bee…”

Hello, Maniacs!

How are you guys? Y’all good? I hope so! If you aren’t, I pray and hope that things get better for you as the week ends. Here in the USA–for my foreign followers–we celebrate the day America gained its independence! The 4th of July can be an interesting holiday to celebrate for me, as the touchy subject of if the holiday is even one worth celebrating in my case because of my enslaved ancestors not necessarily being “free” at the time is always brought up.

With that being said–and obviously the dream of being free from slavery for most intents and purposes being granted in the present–I still find enjoyment in gathering around with the people I love and enjoying each other’s company.

It was so hot yesterday! Like, envision a demon who just wants to hug you all the time. That kind of incomprehensible heat that makes you sticky and attractive to buzzing mosquitos and other bugs of the night. You’d think it would’ve made the evening uncomfortable, but it didn’t. Being surrounded by great people who bring you value, substance, laughter, a cold pool, amazing food, good drinks and just the happiest of things that life should truly be about, was a welcomed luxury that I wish more people could experience! Not to mention, the display of beautiful yet monstrous fireworks above our heads was a sight to see. I had a great holiday! Here are some pictures and a video below!

Me enjoying my first glass of Asti Spumante like the Queen Bee that I am. 😉 
This drink is called “Sea Breeze” and it made me feel like I was in a speedo on an isolated shore with a warm breeze and not a care in the world. Tip: The less alcohol I can taste in a drink, the better!  

That’s all for now maniacs! I’ll chat with you guys later!

Have a great rest of the week, and remember: YOU MATTER, YOU ARE LOVED, YOU ARE ENOUGH!

–CAM ❤️

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