There’s Always Tomorrow? WE DON’T HAVE TIME!

Hello, Maniacs!

First: How are you guys? How’s your heart? How’s your mind? Are some of you full of overt clarity? Maybe you are sick and trying to scratch and claw your way to recovery? Wherever you are, I want to let you know that everything will be okay! Be kind to yourself and forgive yourself for allowing thoughts or people that make you feel less than enter your space.

What shall I speak with you about today? What is swimming in the deep blue sea of my conscience?

DEATH: El finé, The Omega, The Closing, The mild, bittersweet end to life.

Many people fear death. I can understand that because I did as well at one point. But once you get past the fear of dying, you realize that there’s this other thing called LIFE! So many people are not present enough to firmly grasp that reality or they don’t think the life they are currently living is worth rising to the occasion for.

Let me tell you, it doesn’t matter your social status, what clothes you wear, what influence or affluence you may have; at this time–except in some fictional tales–we are mortals and we will all kick the bucket! But before you do, I want you to look at the space inside that bucket? A lot of us aren’t filling it with things that will leave us fulfilled, truly happy. Instead, we put together a toxic elixir that makes our lives worse, full of spite, bitterness and hatred–sometimes towards ourselves or others. You cannot truly love or live with that stuff tainting your spirit. Forgive yourself, and forgive others so you can live the life that’s best for you!

OR there is also this common misconception: We think we have more time to do positive things that’ll serve our souls good.  FALSE. You need to WAKE UP, smell the coffee and hasten to the ubiquitously known crow of a rooster in the brisk, cool mist of dawn and begin your new day; The sands of Time tick away faster than we think. What are we waiting for? The conditions will never be perfect to begin living your life. You must do it now!

Why is it that humans have this thing in them that says “I’ve got time.”  Why do they take situations that are dire lightly? Why do we treat those that we love as if one day they won’t stop breathing and their presence won’t leave our side? Me writing this post isn’t meant to bring a crippling sense of urgency to you, but it is to make you mindful that you do not have as much time as you think to do the things you love or spend time with those you love. Time is so precious and for those prideful enough to think that their mortality isn’t staring them in the face should think again.

We dont have time 4

We waste such a commodity that trickles down rapidly and can never be returned by hanging around the wrong people, neglecting the right ones and working our lives away while foregoing the chance to actually live a life. I don’t know who told us that we have time, but we don’t!

We don't have time blog post
Love while you can, live while you can, dance while you can, laugh while you can, forgive while you can. Life is meant to be lived! Go live it NOW!

So go on that vacation, tell that person you love them, pursue that venture that your soul keeps screaming at you to do, go dancing in the rain, go karaoke with your peeps, eat that damn donut and wear that flattering swimsuit!

Whatever your goal is, do it now! Tomorrow is a gift, yes, but no better gift is there than the present. Be grateful for what you have today, in the NOW because in seconds it could cease to exist.

Live for today, do it for you and do it NOW because you deserve it!

Love you guys! Be kind to yourself, be kind to others, and LIVE YOUR LIFE!

–CAM ❤️

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