The Greatest Love Of All: My Most Cherished Lesson In Losing Weight

Happy Sunday, Maniacs! Hope you are all having a stupendous weekend!

Recently, I have had a lot of people still inquiring about my weigh-loss journey. Questions of “How did you do it?” or endearing compliments of “Wow, you are looking good!” come at me more often than it used to. Granted, someone who may be insecure would probably say, “Umm, does this mean that I looked bad before?” No lie, the thought has crossed my mind once or twice, but I think more of us should learn how to take compliments and keep it moving! That all being said, I just want to briefly share what the biggest lesson I have learned in losing 65 pounds has been.

When Love leads the way, you can do anything!

Most people believe that you can only lose weight for a couple of reasons: Your health, and your dejected view of yourself. I like to reside on the former rather than the latter. I knew that if I wanted to be the best instructor that I could be, losing weight was the most imperative thing that I could do for myself. I make sure to make that plain for anyone who asks why I began the journey in the first place.

Let me just clear something up; There seems to be this societal believe that just because you are a bigger person that you do not love yourself. I have heard people say egregious things to me my whole life and have witnessed slurs and inflammatory remarks spewed at others. It is sick, toxic and definitely counterintuitive to helping someone get better for health reasons. Eventually, I had to let people know that I am loud and proud when it comes to my curves. I have always let love lead the way and the results of doing so have been more than rewarding. I love myself no more or no less than I did when I was heavier.

Why did I lose the weight? To attract people? To finally be accepted as someone who is acquiescing to the lifestyle of what someone who is “seen as fit” should be? All of that superficial shit is great and all, but it’s not sustaining. NEVER do anything for people who critique, criticize with the aim of deconstructing your spirit and for who you are as a whole being. They are insecure and are in the race to please others. Let them be, let them tire themselves out trying to keep up with some imaginary status quo, let them go and shake them out of your life. LOVE always needs to lead the way. No “if’s”, “and’s” or “but’s” about it. If LOVE is not what they bring, then they need to make their exit gracefully.

I do not care how many pairs of leggings I buy, I do not care if my muscles are beginning to show or that I may look “better” in my surface appearance; The inside is what matters the most. Because without that love and that ability to be placable to yourself through the ups and downs with not only weight loss, but anything in life that test us, the process will become exponentially harder than it should be.

God rest her soul, Whitney Houston said it best: “Learning to love yourself is the greatest love of all.

So, I end this post by saying that the greatest lesson I have learned is to LET LOVE LEAD so you can do what is necessary for the betterment of your life. You matter, please treat yourself accordingly.

Love Y’all! Have a great week! Chat with you soon!


–CAM ❤


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2 thoughts on “The Greatest Love Of All: My Most Cherished Lesson In Losing Weight Leave a comment

  1. wow. I love that. let love lead. I never really thought about that in regards to my weight loss. as i read your post, it was like you were standing right here in front of me telling me to my face. thank you, thank you so much for doing that today. I just started again with my journey to losing weight and self discovery. I am so excited what doors will open to me because of making healthier choices for myself. I cant wait to read more. i hope you stop by and join me alone my own journey.

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    1. Yay! I’m so glad that you could relate to this! Leading with love is paramount to my success! There are hard days and easy days, and love must cover all of that. Thanks for following my journey. ☺️

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