The Rain Will Come…The Sun Will Shine

Happy Humpday, Maniacs! I woke up today with a few things on my mind and just wanted to let you know that I am thinking of each and every one of you who may be going through something, making it by the inhales and exhales, taking it day by day. I’m praying for you guys and hope you know that it’s okay to have bad days. Like, really, really bad days.
The human condition is wired to behave a certain way and it’s easy to try and negate your emotions to come up when adversities try us, test us, and stretch our witts to their end and beyond. The unique differences within each of us are how we handle, process and cope with it. Below I share a little something that I actually have discovered a change in and how it relates to experiencing bad days. Love you guys, and stay encouraged.
–CAM ❤
HumpDay Thoughts:
After an awesome dance class last night a student came up to me and asked, “Cameron, do you ever have bad days?” A few years back I would’ve veiled the answer with a nervous giggle and a smile to subside the honest tale that could accidentally come forth from the tip of my tongue.
“Yes. Actually two hours before class I was paralyzed by crippling depression, wanted to call my therapist and almost didn’t make it to class to teach.”
A bit too raw, right?
So I said, “More bad than you think. But being with you guys in this environment is one of the many Antidotes to the misery that life can throw my way.”
Explicitly, life can be a real b!tch sometimes. A winding road with bumps, nails, TNT and dynamite waiting to explode just doesn’t seem to properly state its power more than that previous statement. But I realize that within traveling through the tribulations—and they WILL come—there’s always been someone (those you least expect) willing to give me a high when I’m feeling low, to boost me when I feel frozen in sadness, anger, fear, and sorrow. And to God be the glory for sending these people and things in my life so I can press forward to where it is I’m supposed to go.
Do I have bad days? HELL YES! But man, how grateful I am for those that are with me going through it, encouraging each other, healing, conquering, and overcoming the adversities to shout their victory-fueled testimonies once they’re through! Stay encouraged, y’all! Even the biggest energies in the room burnout! So be nice, spread love, and smile—even if it hurts.
Negativity and malicious behaviors will NOT help you heal. When you choose to be negative, rude, arrogant, menacing—you have made a MINDFUL choice to remain stagnant in spirit and mind. So why not be positive? What have you got to lose? #LeadwithLove #HumpdayThoughts #SelfCare #StayEncouraged

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