Hello, Camaniacs!

I hope you’ve had a very happy 2020 so far! I know, I know, I haven’t been as active and you’re probably wondering where the hell I’ve been, but don’t worry as I’ve been doing some great things away from the warm, “confidential” confines of my keyboard! 😉

I just wanted to drop by and share this thought that I had today. It’s amazing the things that enter your headspace while you’re giving a plasma donation. Let me know your thoughts and I hope you guys continue to have an amazing 2020! Will check back in more frequently as things have settled down a bit for the time being.

A Letter To The Gifted and Apologetic

I realized something today: I have spat in my face for years—hear me out! I spat in God’s face…I apologized for receiving blessings, harboring good intentions, taking control and ownership over the gifts that he gave me, changing lives, and changing my OWN damn life. You ever find yourself in a position where you’re thriving yet you feel like you downplay your successes in order not to offend others or the self-sabotaging identity of yourself? One of the things I’m working on in 2020 is being more thankful for my gifts and positively acknowledging my tiny battles won in the background that produces results in the foreground.

     When you downplay yourself to satisfy others who are “offended” by you and your abilities to change the world, it sounds like you’re saying, “I’m so sorry that all my hard work, jumps through hoops, blood, sweat and tears, late nights, early mornings, victories and losses that you don’t see, the screams of anguish you don’t hear just to have one win and traversing through suicidal thoughts to make it past an hour of a day to stay alive offends you! I won’t do it again and I’ll make myself smaller for you to feel better.” That’s some insane shit when you think about it, right?

     There’s a difference in minimizing yourself and being humble. Humility is knowing that you’re doing good work and not taking it for granted and showing loads of gratitude because you know what you have to give is not for your own glory. Minimization chokes everything that you do and makes you less inclined to lean into your purpose. Understand that, digest that and stop spitting in your face! If you do something well, if you’re trying to be better, please stop thinking you’re doing a favor to others by turning off your light. Shine bright for all to see. The world NEEDS you at your best and it needs you NOW! 

–CAM ❤️❤️ 

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