Lead With Love: Wish It Well

Good Morning, Camaniacs! Wow, it’s been a long time since I’ve posted, but I’m back with some thoughts!

My Saturday Thoughts: ‘Lead with Love and Wish It Well

As this decade nears to a close, a lot of reflection sits in front of my mind. Career shifts, personal changes and development, “failures,”—which were lessons learned really— friendships falling wayside, financial deterioration, emotional fatigue, bodily injuries, hospitalizations, suicide attempts. coming out of the closet and so on. One thing I catch myself repeating in the back of my mind lately is “Wishing Things Well” as they go.

We all have seasons in our lives where we think we are going to fly forever and that the people, the jobs, creature comforts, and hard work will be enough to sustain us. However, life will sometimes ground you–if not bury you— and a lot of people are ill-prepared on how to handle that. I am no stranger to doom and gloom, struggling with the complicated duality of living life and wanting to die at the same time, inhaling good vibes one minute and gasping for a morsel of air—good or bad—the next. But Wishing Things Well has helped me create a quarter of peace. “YAY! My hard work paid off! AWESOME!” “Today, I failed and I am embarrassed, ashamed, and want to quit.” I think we have all experienced this.

Wrapping this all up: What is yours won’t pass you by and what is meant to be will always be. So wish things well even if it hurts—and it will— as they have served their purpose to you in your journey. If you don’t, you’ll be fighting a battle with yourself over something that isn’t sparing an ounce of effort fighting for you and you’ll potentially stagnate yourself into missing out on the blessings coming your way. Grieve it, heal from it and Wish It Well.

Have a wonderful week or Holiday season wherever you are located and remember that you are worth taking care of starting TODAY as we head into a new year, a new decade! See you guys in 2020!

–CAM ❤

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  1. Thanks Cameron! Hope u had a great day! What a nice message especially during this holiday season when we r all pulled n a lot of directions and commitments,–some good some not so much. Great way to look @ everything! ❤️


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