My Song

Hey Maniacs!

Happy July! I was in California for a week or so and just wanted to share something that I thought about while there! ❤️

Picture of Disneyland and the mountains of Anaheim!

You have to sing about what you write about. Goals are just goals written down on paper, thoughts are just thoughts sitting in your head. A song is only a compilation of lyrics until a voice or melody is attached to it. I’ve written this song of betterment, how things can change and will get better and how people should go for what it is they want in life for a minute now. I’d like to think this past week I sang my song—Sang it from the bellows of my diaphragm—loud proud and unashamed.

Tribal Gathering and Les Mills Live was such a fun, surreal, educational and inspirational event. I used to think that perhaps I wasn’t good enough or that maybe those in power made a mistake by picking me to be a part of the team—Imposter syndrome is real! But then I thought about something so amazing: I was singing my song! And it felt so good! Your song may not be fit for everyone’s taste and that’s okay! What’s important is that you had the courage, the bravery, the ballsy temerity to sing without inhibitions of being well received or not! I am thrilled that Les Mills US chose me and they along with others enjoy the music that I spread through my love of teaching and dancing from a place of raw authenticity. How fulfilling it was that I was able to live my song and be around some incredible people who were doing the same ☺️ May each and every one of us continue to sing OUR songs; You never know who they’ll touch!!

What’s your song? What makes you sing in life? Whatever it may be, sing it loud and proud, Maniacs!!

–CAM ❤️

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