Setback Was The Setup!

Hey Maniacs!

I’ve been so busy these days with a lot of stuff. Lots of good, lots of stress but I’m alive!

I wanted to post something that I posted on my social media yesterday that I hope resonates with you!

When you’re in a position one day–especially one where you feel like nothing good will happen after all hell has broken loose, just remember that an upswing could be on the way and it could be beyond your wildest dreams! Love y’all, take care of yourselves and speak to you soon!

2017 on left, 2019 on the right.

Hey you, from June 2017. It’s your future self talking from June 2019! This will be hard to believe, but your setback is going to set you up for a MAJOR comeback! I know you’re in pain—physically, mentally and emotionally. You feel as if things will not get better and that this injury, this emotional impairment, these feelings of worthlessness are all that’s gonna be. You are even thinking that life isn’t worth living anymore on a regular basis. Here’s the great news! Because you were able to continue the tedious journey of recovery, persevere amongst obstacles that were trying to crush you, leaned on the few of those that were at your side as lights in the dark, you are now making your dreams come true, doing things you never thought you would and are even 125 pounds lighter because you decided to start taking ownership and control over what you could and worrying less about what you couldn’t. Keep taking life in baby steps, people. Wherever you are now may not be where you end up. I hope that I am a testament to that and I pray that whenever I get down or feel tired or feel like things will cease to get better I can come back to this post and realize that things can change in an instant!

–CAM ❤️

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