Hey Maniacs!

It’s been a long time! But I have something on my mind today!

What’s on my mind today?

Perhaps I’m being a wishful snowflake in saying that I just believe people could be more kind. From the petty, bitter, toxic attitudes full of envy, vengefulness and spite; to the ugly tendencies of consistent jealousy and comparison; to using your words as sharp weapons in downgrading, degrading and dehumanizing others—I just wish it could stop!

As an advocate for mental health, I often wonder if perhaps some of us who suffer from it are affected by chemical imbalances alone? Maybe if our environment wasn’t so sick and those who we surround ourselves with were good for us we’d do better, be better and arise to better? I guess I just want people to realize that there’s another way than being a shitty individual to make things right in the world. For those who are doing the best they can to be a light on this terrestrial giant we reside on: Hang in there, we got this!!! Do not let the venomous strikes from those unlike you drown your loving heart into a pool of acrimony that’ll make you think it’s useless to be kind. It’s your GIFT: Use it wisely.

Also, make sure that the company you keep is aligned with that. If people in your circle don’t acquiesce to your goodness or exercise reciprocity towards you, it’s time to show yourself some love and establish boundaries or perhaps crawl, walk and then RUN away from their energy! Your health depends on it. We can all do better and be better! We don’t have a lot of time left, so make the best of what you will with it. Be KIND!!!

–CAM ❤️

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