Smile or Else…

Happy Friday, Maniacs! I hope this message finds you well! Just wanted to stop by and let you know that your smile can change the world!

I know what you’re thinking: “My smile? The smile that shows my braces? The smile that exposes that plaque or food stuck in my teeth?? Yup! That smile has inconceivable power! In thinking about this, I wrote a little something that I wanted to share for you guys. Something to chew on if you will.

I hope that when you see me that my smile provokes you. The smile that hides my tears, worries and fears that I’ve collected incessantly over the years. May my provocation be so bright that you look into me and feel invited to smile for someone else in this cold cold world until it’s the warmest place to be. It’s hard to be a light in this world that seems to be getting darker everyday. But surround yourself with those who not only want better but are ACTIVELY doing better and are taking the necessary steps! Iron does sharper iron! Support each other and encourage each other to treat people with kindness even when they don’t receive it. Having good in your heart is good for your overall health and nothing can take that away from you unless you let it. We have one life to live and so many days to make a difference for the world we leave behind. So make the decision today to smile. Simply perch your lips, show your teeth and pass it on. The ripples from your friendly face can change more lives than you can imagine.”

Smile, Manics! It’s the only one you got and it’s uniquely yours! Use it responsibly.😁😄😃😀

–CAM ❤️

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