Hurt People Hurt: How To Express Your Emotions Without Crushing Others’

Hey, Maniacs! Happy New Year! Hope you guys are well! Hitting you with a short blog post today. Guess what we are gonna talk about today? You’ll never guess. Emotions!

Screenshot from Emotions
And no, unfortunately, we are not talking about The 1991 #1 Mariah Carey song, “Emotions”–which is one of my favorites!




They creep up on us in the moments when we least expect it and BAM; Now the party has started, the fireworks light up the sky and the show really begins. One of the things that have come to my mind recently is how others involved with the person who is going through their own emotional turmoil are affected.

How do you approach someone you know is experiencing hardships. How do they approach you? What are the signs to look for? Are there sudden abnormalities within the friendships that aren’t normal? As humans, we are–generally–creatures of habit. But for some reason when emotions get involved, shit can go left pretty fast! Oh, the avenues I could go when speaking on emotional health.

But I want to narrow it down to one thing: How do I, the one experiencing the pain, anguish, bitterness, anger express to those that I care for and care for me that I am going through some tough trials in a safe, effective, communicative manner? Furthermore, how do I know that I can trust these people?

In short? On the trust? Well, we all take a gamble when we entrust another to venture into our personal lives. How do I know if I can trust someone? I’ll give them the “light stuff”–some info about me, but not too personal–and see how they react and then assess further from there if they can handle me as a person at all before giving that much access to me.

But when you do talk to people you trust, sometimes you have to talk, shout, cry it out. We walk around with our heads high, working our way through as a distraction to the issues at hand. For example, I dance for a living. When on a stage or in front of a class, I feel like I can get away from the problems that are facing me in life. But it’s when the music stops and the students depart that the sound of silence is replaced with the loud remembrance of what it is that bothered me in the first place. You become used to the silence, the isolated safe haven. I preach all the time that self-care starts within and you have to be willing to care for yourself in order for others to effectively care for you. And from experience, what you must be able to do is let others in to care for you, too. You are stronger than you think, and I know trusting people is very hard these days, but consider this: “We all need somebody to lean on...” There are people–or an individual–who will give you the ability to trust them fully. That is a gift that keeps on giving, let me tell you. Don’t take those relationships for granted.

communicating emotions effectively

Mariah Carey said it best: “You’ve got me feeling emotions, deeper than I’ve ever dreamed of! Oh, Baby. You’ve got me feeling emotions, higher than the heavens above!” Now her form of communicating how crazy up and down this mate of hers made her was through her gift of songwriting and belting out her song with a fervent passion! It is effective, healthy and it made her–and still makes her–a boatload of money!

How do you communicate your emotions? Can you do better at it? Will you do better?

Sidenote: Also, remember that you are not obligated to talk out your emotions with anyone you see not fit to at the time. You must feel safe and ready when the time comes. Emotions are a very fragile thing and mustn’t be let loose for just anyone to help you with. Prove yourself worthy and I shall confide.

That’s all I have for today! Emotions are a guideline to what dysfunction may be surrounding us and drowning us or an indication of what things make us happy, lighthearted and effervescent in this life. Pay attention to them. They are the alarms that sound out of celebration, stress, or tragedy. When dealt with in a healthy manner, emotions are a great thing! Tend to them with care.

–CAM ❤


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