These Clothes Don’t Fit…

Hi, Maniacs! Hope you guys are enjoying all the glorious splendors of holiday cheer as we prepare for the transition into the New Year. Just wanted to check in and chat with you all!

The Topic

New? Though we are headed into 2019, I want to say that you don’t have to ever wait for New Year’s day to begin again; You can have a new, fresh start each and every one of the other 364 days as well!

The Journey

It was in June of 2017 that I decided to embark on a weight-loss journey. I was injured, couldn’t work out, but I was determined to not let the inactivity hinder potential progress. I am so pleased to say that now in December 2018 I have lost 80 pounds! See? New beginnings can start any day and you can be consistent with things that you never once thought you could.

But what changed with the weight-loss, what thoughts and struggles came with beginning again? In a previous post, Don’t Let The Murmurs Defer Your Purpose I spoke on how people will mock you and doubt that what you say you’ll do is true. I want you to remember that everyone around you is fighting themselves and trying to understand why it is that THEY don’t have the willpower, dedication or the fortunate hand of serendipitous circumstances aiding them to go after what they want. You must be confident in yourself and not rely on others to understand!

So, let me give you a short list of what I have experienced and then lay more foundation afterward:

  1. Hunger
  2. Clothes
  3. Anger
  4. Sadness
  5. Defeat
  6. Deceit
  7. Victory
  8. Celebration

The hunger for change is important; Without it, there won’t be a constant need for you to make the necessary sacrifices to get there! Sometimes we are forced to change and the hunger not to sink but to swim comes into play.

The clothes! Well, this is actually not only a physical thing for me but a metaphor. With losing weight you realize that some of your older clothes start to look like old Victorian-era dresses! They are heavy, uncomfortable, and probably very hot. It can be hard to let go of these clothes sometimes because I know I felt as if they were still a part of me and I was not ready to accept the fact that I needed new apparel to fit the new person I have become. What’s the metaphor?

When you grow and excel in your journey to a better you, you begin to realize that certain people, habits, hang-out buddies and hobbies no longer fit you! Accepting that part is hard! You feel angry, depressed, defeated because what you once did or who you once hung around no longer is healthy for your new approach to fostering and ascending in life. These things served you where you used to be but no longer will they be the keys to the door that is awaiting your walking through.

Remember: It’s not that you are pushing things away out of hate, you just have to love yourself enough to know that if you are to succeed with this weight-loss journey, career change, bettering finances or anything in the realm of positivity, you must part ways with the clothes that no longer fit you and find some clothes that do!

So! We get to the good part, right? Victory! I have lost my 80 pounds, now what? Are there party streamers, cakes and people throwing extravaganzas in your honor? Well, many of us should be so lucky. The victory is yours to celebrate. Do something good for yourself! Go buy some clothes, go take a dance class, go for a walk and be mindful of how it feels to have the weight lifted off of your joints that carry you.

In my opinion, your spirit is a lifeforce within you that can be tainted without proper nutrients for it to remain strong, sturdy and forever reliable for you to make it through life. With weight loss and exercise you are giving your body the good stuff and hopefully feeding it with the nutrients it needs! You take care of the physical, why not the spiritual too?

Treating yourself to the best things, places, and people that life has to offer is my way of celebrating my triumphs on this journey. As a matter of fact, the energy I have put into being better in this particular facet has made me focus on other aspects of my life, and because of that great things seem to be blossoming all around me!



Let me be honest in saying that the journey of self-care is not one to be blatantly romanticized. It is hard, hard, hard–did I mention HARD–work. There are days where you’ll want to go back to the old you because that’s what you were used to, that is what you were taught to be by those that did not take the journey themselves, and because you were not equipped with the proper tools you did not think that YOU–one familiar with small beginnings and self-sabotaging ineptitude–could not do this! Let me be the proof that you can and that you one day will!

Easy? Nope! Worth it? Yes! You are worth more than you could imagine. Stop discounting yourself for the pleasure of others and go after what is yours! Your health, spiritually, mentally and emotionally depends on it!

Chat with you guys soon! I hope you enjoyed this blog because it came from the heart. I want to see everyone succeed and not only succeed but to succeed humbly, gracefully and inspire without feeding an arrogant ego that can kill others’. You would think people would understand that through the restlessness and difficulties of this adventure that humility is learned in the process. This is not true, but that’s another blog post for another time!

In the back of your head please know that we should aspire to be paramount examples of how to take care of ourselves and we want to do it right! Does it mean we are perfect and don’t mess up? No! But despite our mess-ups and human nature, yet succeeding anyway? That is inspirational and that can cultivate a movement of self-care from you to me and to everyone else. That’s all I have for now! 2019! Let’s make it the best year yet!

Love Y’all! Happy New Year!

–CAM ❤






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