Don’t Let The Murmurs Defer Your Purpose

Hi, Maniacs! Hope you guys are having Happy Holidays! I just wanted to drop-in and communicate and instill some good energy your way as we begin to venture into a new year.

Heart Of The Matter

Something has been tampering with my soul for the last month or so. I have become more aware of the putrid rhetoric that flows from the unchained mouths of people. In my heart, I know that such talk does not serve the person saying it nor the person receiving the insecurity-filled tongue lashing. I think we have all been on both sides in this life and will probably continue to be at certain points. But before you decide to participate in this game of murmurs and trash talk, I want you to look inside yourself and ask, “Does this grow me? Does this serve me? Does this make who I am on the inside healthy, whole, and hearty?”

They say “hurt people hurt people“, and though I am in total agreeance with that, something in me says that some people just also get great satisfaction out of robbing others of their confidence. It’s like the kid in elementary school who sees that one of his or her classmates are trying to excel or be one of the brighter pupils in class and then BAM, they sabotage their now spiritually downtrodden contemporary and make sure that they aren’t seen as bright anymore. We all have this mentality that if this person wins, I lose. Kill or be killed.

First off, let me just say that one day we are all going to die! Okay? There is no race to that because we don’t know how what time or when it will happen. So, if you are meant to die, trust me, you will. And nothing that you say or do can stop that inevitably. We just don’t have that ability. But what good is it to speak death to someone else’s soul? What positives come from that–And I am aware that there is something called constructive criticism, but I am speaking on those people who are just asshats for sport.

Just because someone else is trying to better themselves does not mean it’s okay for you to demean, overstep, insert or infringe on their journey. Do you think that behavior will make you a winner? Maybe temporarily, but I believe what goes around comes back around tenfold.

Majority of us could harness that negative, nasty, backstabbing, green-with-envy energy and turn it into something marvelous. Imagine the difference we would have in this world if people were modest in what they say, positive in their actions and actively trying to uplift others when they confide in them about certain things. We have a long way to go because we still have people that will sit back, sip their tea and laugh as if they have done such a great thing in crushing someone’s dreams to be better, to do better or just to be in general.

You will not live in heaven while putting someone else through hell. I believe that to be a fact! I for one pray for a world where we realize that we all have a place in it and it does not take killing souls to do it.


If you have the time to instigate, negate, investigate someone and make sly remarks about people trying to achieve their goals, look at yourself in the mirror, focus on you and mind your business. If someone is trying to achieve a goal that’ll be for their betterment, don’t you waste time hating them. Instead, use that energy to focus on YOUR plan, YOUR life, YOUR purpose. What is for that person–that you mock in secret and out loud–is for that person; What is meant for you is for you. Remember, life is not a race and we will not make it out of this thing alive, so why spend another minute being toxic, poisoning yourself and spreading that infection to others? Just imagine and entertain the thought of what a difference you could make if you spoke life into others. You don’t have to feel threatened, scared, or be a victim of self-comparison. There is only one you, so focus on that and that only so you can be better for others.

True confidence is silent, insecurities are often very, very loud. Remember that distinction. Dont-Let-The-Murmurs-Defeat-Your-Purpose.png

To The Dreamer

So dream on, dreamer! Run towards the goals that you have and know that you can reach them in your mind already! I know you have people around you who doubt, scoff or even laugh when you speak of your aspirations. Know that in those moments is when you find out truthfully who is there for you unconditionally, so take note of that and act accordingly. Those people cannot stay. Don't Let Murmurs defeat your purpose.jpg


Don’t be disheartened by it, as we cannot take everyone with us, no matter how much we’d like to. What is meant for you, is meant for you, so go for it, do your best and even if you don’t achieve it, know that you had the guts and enigmatic temerity to do what YOU wanted and can do it again for something else.


Be kind to yourself, be kind to others, and watch as things unfold for your betterment in the new year! Chat with Y’all soon!

–CAM ❤



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