Commitment: A Bridge Many Want To Cross But Don’t Care To Construct.

Hello, Maniacs. Today I am talking about commitment. I hope to not step on any toes in writing this as these are just merely my observations and a couple of my experiences on the word and how many people these days don’t grasp the magnitude of it! You know what? I should have made it in bold just to exemplify its power.

Say it with me: COMMITMENT!


“Oh, man, what I’d give to have a body like that!”

“I wish I could be a better friend to X, Y, Z.”

“I wish I took better care of myself.”

Newsflash: There isn’t a genie in a bottle that will leap out of a lantern serenading you, granting your every wish with the passing of each melodic line; In this life, what you aspire, you must put in the effort to get there.

Actions ALWAYS scream. Do not be tricked by the words others tell you, you tell others, or the ones you tell yourself. ACT, to be better and to have a healthier, more balanced life.

Alright, Aladdin and his wonderful “Genie” reference aside, I want you to listen to the visceral part of you. What’s there? What goals, dreams or milestones are wallowing there in the unstable waters of your spirit? Perhaps it was some of the examples I said above? Shall we dive deeper?

So let me explain something before going further: Whenever I write something, it mostly stems from my own visceral depths. I like to write from that area knowing well that another human will understand what it is that I’m trying to say. I observe A LOT of people and hear more than my share of things–I even observe myself and the things I say. And you know what’s funny? Almost every single convo I had last week had something to do with commitment in some way.

It’s as if when I go to bed Sunday night, throughout the entire week a theme persist and BAM, I know what topic I want to address. To be quite honest, my post are never intended to down anyone or make them feel bad for their issues with commitment. On the contrary, I’m here to enlighten those who are committed to wavering and let them know that we all do it. But what is it that separates those that dream, wish, desire and just do? What is it that makes slow and steady win the race just as well as those sprinting at a cheetah’s pace?


The sturdy structure that’ll carry you from novice to professional, from the valley to the peak, from tragedy to victory. And no, Maniacs, this bridge isn’t made from anything material, yet it can hold more than anything man can make if we work on it adamantly. Let me give you my Bridge in the form of an acronym.












Cleaning up my act on things that I know I want to do and should be doing can be a difficult thing to do. We psych ourselves out, doubt our abilities and believe that we aren’t worthy of going for those things that we want. It’s a mission, one that I will continue on until I’ve reached the other side of that bridge!


So many times I’ve heard people say their should’ve, could’ve, would’ve-s about things they wish they could do better at or be better at. Yet, I notice that they lack commitment. They don’t have time, they don’t have energy, they just have lack. But even then, they’re still committed to something, but nothing that is bettering them.


For example: when I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder, I was well aware that the journey ahead would be a rather unpleasant one. Would my friends understand? Could I live a normal life? Would I be able to manage? Should I tell anyone? I am happy to say I have done those things! Did it take time? YUP; Vulnerability for me used to be rough! Are some faster than others? Certainly. We are all different, but those who try succeed more often than those who do not.

Full disclosure: I am aware that some circumstances with commitment may be involved with monetary means but that is not what this post is about. I’m not a financial guru. I am someone who is here to break the toxic links in the chains of bondage that plagues all of us. This is a post on a currency that is worth more than the almighty dollar, and shouldn’t be abused nor trifled with. You can always make more money, but if your spiritual health is broke, the money is always secondary.

I am here to let people know that there is an issue with commitment in this day and age. Some people really don’t commit to things anymore–relationships are ending before they begin, friendships that once walked on water have now sunk to the ocean floor, goals that were the standard have now fallen, debased and devalued, and people are rendering their commitment to self-care as a burden, rather than a positive. Some folks will say “Whatever is meant to be, will be.” However, a Lioness never sits with her cubs and says “Well, maybe that food will just fall out of the sky.” No! She has to go hunting and pounce on what she needs for her sake and her kids’.

Commitment is scary! It takes everything you have to give. But I assure you, as long as you give, you will figure out not only when something is for you but also free yourself if it isn’t. If a dream fails, remember that you took the step to go there and that is something to celebrate! Use that tenacity to go for other things that speak to your heart. 

All I’m saying is stop wishing that this, that, and the third could be better and commit by making an intentional effort to make it so. When all options have been exhausted, then you may say “Que Sera Sera” and leave the cards as they lie.


Commitment: It’s the bridge from where you are to where you wanna be. Will you stand there aspiring to build bridges like your contemporaries, or will you refurbish and nurture those dilapidated, rusty, creaky bridges in your own life?

I could take so many digressive detours from this topic and I probably will sometime later in the future! But in closing, I want to reiterate that I am not pretending to be some superior authority on what it means to be committed. For years I had wanted to branch out and get my writing out to the world. Everyone that I have known has said, “You should Blog!” After hearing it enough times, I finally one day decided to just start! With the beginning done, I have to commit as well as I can in the meantime–whether slow or fast, I am committed because with commitment comes growth! I am so happy that I have built this bridge. Where will it take me? Time will tell!

That’s all for now, Maniacs! I was so serious in this blog today! Thanks for reading and I hope you got something out of this!

Chat with Y’all soon! Sending my love to you all!

–CAM ❤️

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