We come out not to flaunt or to force our “lifestyles” in your face. We come out, fleeing from the cold, lonesome, dank and dark closet, to be free from the burdensome load that crushes us into isolation and fear. We step forward—sometimes against our own will—brave, vulnerable with crippling transparency for those that currently cannot. We come out to educate on love being exactly that: LOVE ❤️ We come out so that we no longer perpetuate a lie and betray ourselves, denying the privilege of what it means to live a life and a life that is fulfilled! We come out no longer living a lie in order for those who hate and discriminate against us to live their truth in spite of ours. WE COME OUT and show ourselves the love that we deserve so we can attract those that’ll love us for who we are. We come out…🌈🌈🌈🌈

Love you, Maniacs! Be kind to one another; You never know who needs your smile, your wisdom and your encouragement.

–CAM ❤️

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