Where Does Your Power Lie?

Hello, Maniacs! Hope you are having a fabulous week so far!

Today, I want to talk about your power.

Your power?

Is it slinging webs and flying through the atmosphere in a skin-tight suit? Are you blessed with superhuman strength or the ability to make yourself invisible?  Well, maybe in the comics; Not all heroes wear capes, you know. But I want to talk about something that you can do RIGHT now. I think it’s one of the most powerful abilities that us mere mortals or even fictional celestial beings can possess.

Being yourself.

I know, seems so boring, right?? Read on and let me explain myself!

We may not be The Avengers, but we are still more powerful than we can possibly imagine! Even they go through the journey of being themselves and discovering who they are throughout their journies!

Bullies–they exist in all shapes, sizes, and ages. You’d think with time they would realize that picking on others is a sure way of showing how much lack of secureness they have within themselves. That within the action of minimizing another, they further maximize and magnify their lack of respect towards themselves and the sadness that lies inside of them.

Society often has a way of making us all feel like who we are isn’t enough and that the mold that we must fit will make us liked by many.



Lies, lies and more lies!

For example, I grew up feeling that if I presented myself in a way that was societally acceptable that I wouldn’t undergo brutal criticism from others. That didn’t work for too long as the bullies found their ways under my skin whether it was talking about my looks, my clothes or my proper speech. Even when they were like me, I was teased. They looked in the mirror, hated what they saw and projected their hate towards their unlucky targets–you and I

It was not until high school that I finally understood that you might as well be yourself. When you are your true self, the hits from people somehow begin to lessen with time. You gain power, strength, and unrivaled confidence from your superpower–Being Yourself! You don’t need a genie in a lamp, a crooked wand, gold-covered talisman or even a magic cloak–even though that nerdy stuff is totally cool–to engage your talents and gifts and influence on those around you.

Authenticity is your greatest weapon! If your authenticity doesn’t hurt you or others, it could indeed be the key to allow them to open up more, converse about their interest and what it is that they aspire to do or be. When you know who you are, nobody can tell you fanciful jargon to sway you and knock you off your stable ground that you now reside on.

Being you is not only the power to free yourself from the bondage of others’ expectations and judgments, but it also attracts what is right for you–whether it be a job, a mate, a hobby, your friends, your TRIBE! The essentials of what your soul needs will NOT come from a lie that you choose to entertain and put on display, but from living your truth!

Those big bad wolves no longer can blow your house down, because what used to waft in the wind of insecurity now stands firm and mighty on the rock of your truth.

In conclusion: Stop living a lie to please others. You will NEVER please everyone, so please do yourself a favor and be you! They will come with their pitchforks of bigotry, criticism, prejudice and vitriolic black speech, but they cannot win, and they will not as long as you know your truth. POWER. That is your POWER. Use it! You can do this!

I guess that’s all I had to say today!

Be kind to yourself, be kind to others the remainder of this week!

Love you guys!

–CAM ❤

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