Hello Maniacs! How was your weekend? Mine’s was fabulous! Amidst the 100+ degree weather, I was able to stay decently cool inside the confines of a movie theater AND rehearsed some new dance moves for an all new routine I’ll be teaching in 2 weeks.

Some of my students are always curious of my behind-the-scenes rehearsals, as I am constantly teaching, they wonder how I have the time. The answer: Have basement, will rehearse! All I need is a laptop, and a banging speaker to blast each and every syllable, bass punch, treble clash and 8-count in my face. My pupils think that I must always have these routines down the first time, but I must break this myth; it takes a lot of work!

My rehearsal setup! Carpet on top of concrete with the sound of the water heater blaring in the background. I love it!

But when you’re passionate about what you do, is it really work? Sorry to burst that bubble, but again, the answer is yes. The difference being I enjoy every moment of it.

Whenever I learn a new routine, I feel the same feelings that my students do when they first see it: Nervousness, skittishness, hesitation with no bounds, doubts that I’ll ever master each combination and even if it’s worth the effort. I have been teaching for almost 6 years now and those thoughts of insecure madness never dissipate until the second or third time I dance the routines. Then the love returns, my sass takes over and my students feel that from me, which encourages them to hang on for the ride.

I’m bare-bones honest with each and everyone of them and tell them that it takes TIME to learn these movements and that’s okay. Would it be worth the challenge if it was easy? Nope! But that’s what makes it fun!

Practice makes perfect, but it also burns calories! This was on my first run-through, too! More room for oatmeal cream-pies, I guess! 😉

Anyways, Maniacs, that was my weekend! I hope you guys have a wonderful week and I’ll check in with you guys around the hump! Love y’all!


–CAM ❤


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