“Listen To Your Heart, When It’s Calling For You!”

Hello, Maniacs! Did anyone else belt out the title of this post? Just me? Oops! American Idol, here I come then!

Hope this post finds y’all well! I just realized that I’ve had this blog for a month now! It may not seem like a major milestone, but I assure you, it is! I’ve dragged my heels for an ample amount of time, scared to be vulnerable and share my stories and thoughts with a world that seems to be getting darker every second of the day. But someone reminded me that if those with a light in them do not go out and shine, the negative energy will continue to spread unchecked, running wild on those who are innocent and at its mercy. I thank you guys that follow me or watch from afar as I take up my mighty pin and fight back alongside others in making this world a better place: one step, one day, one humorous/thought-provoking prose at a time.

How are you guys doing? How’s your heart? Is it full of joy ready to radiate its valiant rays throughout each and every person you encounter today? Maybe it’s aching with sadness, bitterness, sorrow, worry? Whatever space it is in, I want you to feel it in full. As humans, sometimes we forget that we are not immune to life and the cards it deals us. No matter your lifestyle, monetary affluence, societal impact, or rogue pomposity, we all go through the ebb and flow of circumstantial rollercoasters that can cause us to sometimes lose our shit.

I want you to be easy on yourself and always remember that if things get to heavy, there’s always someone out there who is willing to listen. Remember, you are worthy of unconditional love and all the great things that said love offers. I know it seems like a rarity to seek for nowadays, but I promise that it is there–even if that love has to come from yourself.

That being said, I guess I will start on where my spirit is. A lot seems to be in an upward swing. Jovial should my attitude be towards things and my outlook should match, right? But perhaps I’m guilty in the department of  not-getting-my-hopes-up. I have this innate ability to forget instantly to smell the flowers and enjoy the small steps in life. The endurance it takes to mindfully be aware of this waiting-for-the-other-shoe-to-fall mentality can be quite exhausting. I have to rehearse affirmations everyday to remind myself that even when that shoe falls, it’ll be beyond my control anyways–most of the time it always is.

So what do I do instead of sitting around awaiting imminent destruction of the ascending upswing? I pray, go out to eat with close friends and converse about said worries, as well as ask them about their struggles and even relish within their inspirational victories–no matter the size. Of course I have my therapist on speed-dial if the need arises. We all know that I dance my worries out as well. BUT most of all, I love to write it out!

Writing has always been a way that I can see with my own eyes as to what turmoil stirs deep within me. To be able to feel my worries, concerns and darkest of vulnerabilities flow from my soul to my fingers and onto paper or a keyboard is such a powerful release. No longer does it sit and marinate inside, festering into this cancer that tries to swallow me whole.

That’s how I overcome. That’s how I win. That’s how I keep my heart beating freely. If my cup isn’t full, I can’t give anything substantial to the world.

How is my heart today? Strong, sweaty, vigilant, vulnerable, full of love and light, ready to shine! That could change, but until then I am going to enjoy the present. The future will indeed take care of itself.


May your heart be joyful, full of glee, spreading sweaty love to all of thee. Shakespearian? Maybe not, but I try! 😉

Just in case nobody has told y’all today, I LOVE YOU GUYS! You are enough, I am enough.

It is a privilege that I get to do this and to see that my service of sharing my stories have let others know that our human experiences are ubiquitous is an overwhelming feeling. I’m looking forward to continuing this journey of blogging. Where it’ll lead, I do not know, but I will persevere: NAKED AND UNAFRAID. 🙂


–CAM ❤

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