A Deeper Love

Dear 16-year-old me,

Step back from that ledge where the journey down is final with no return. Walk away from that high bridge overlooking vast water wondering if peace–via a leap off the railing–lies under its still surface. Close that drawer full of sharp points and jagged edges, acquiescing to the possibility of a crimson waterfall flowing out of you promising you release from the pain that you’re silently enduring.

Too long have you stayed in the shadows in order to please others, lying to yourself in order to hide in refugee of the falsely conceived veil of safety know as their approval. You were damned to hell for it, ostracized and stereotyped beside it, teased and mocked because of it, yet you’re still standing. Your feet are planted firmly into the ground and your heart is somehow still infinite in its ability to love, no matter how much hateful judgement has come your way by those close to you through the years, or from those distant voices of loathing ignorance given a platform to preach. There is a light in you that you must keep; The world needs it, even if it may not appear that way.

Don’t let the brigade of insults about your size, gracefully articulate speech, pigmentation, sensitivities or your flamboyance sway you from the path that life has for you. You have NO idea what love and acceptance is coming your way in the future.

With your head erect, chest out and swagger invigorating that sassy sway that you’ve been told to correct, be you and be PROUD!

Happy Pride Month to those in my community and to those who are still uncertain if who they are is really who they are–whether they’re enslaved by shame, guilt, fear, rejection or religious damnation. I promise that it does get BETTER.

You will find out that your true friends are those that love and accept you as you are. When those chains break for you as they did for me, may you be able to attract the great things that life has to offer you. When you are your most authentic self day in and day out and stop recycling the lie that you are a mistake, and what you believe you are is an affliction, you will not only be prideful of it, but the love that you develop for yourself will bring peace to your soul–no matter the toxic, abominating verbiage that people of this poisoned society spew towards you.

I leave you with affirmations and a quote that I came up with below that everybody can relate to. Love you guys!

“Live your truth and discover how many people get mad because you no longer are participating or perpetuating the lie that diminishes you.”

BE you, LOVE you, and be PRIDEFUL of it; You are worth it!


–CAM ❤


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