OMG, Look At That Butt!

Happy Hump-day, Maniacs! We’re halfway through the week! I hope it’s been a great one for you so far. If it hasn’t been, I pray that the latter half gets better! ❤

As you guys know from my previous post, I am a dance instructor at the local gyms in my area. However, coming back from recovering from an injury, I had to figure out a way how to light my respiratory and cardiovascular systems on fire in order to get in shape. I knew that once I was released from medical treatment that if I wanted to get back to teaching after being shelved for a year and a half that I was going to have to do different things to remind my body that it was once a dancer–even with permanent damage lingering.

I attempted going to other dance instructors’ classes, but goodness, it was so tough to keep up. One of my students/long-time friends suggested that I should take a cycle class. I immediately thought about that abhorrent seat forcing entry into my lower cavity. Oh, the PTSD I had garnered from taking cycle years ago showed back up. Being strapped in at the feet, with an instructor just staring at you for an hour shouting commands. Sounds like a real fun time, right?

She could sense my enthusiastic disposition shift to that of a judgemental critic, visually disgusted of her taste.

They say that life begins out of your comfort zone? Have you guys ever been comfortable but stagnant? It’s as if you know that you could get better or receive better, yet it has to be done in a way that you envisioned? Your way or the highway? Well, I decided to stop my moaning and groaning and give it a chance. However, my friend neglected to tell me that the class she invited me to was not just any type of cycle class, but a High-Intensity cycle class, called Les Mills Sprint™. The saving grace was that it was 30 minutes, so how bad could it really be, right? Well, make me quack and call me Donald Duck; it is the HARDEST 30 minutes ever!

Breathless, lungs contracting, heart pumping, quads on fire! Fun? Sure! We will call it that. 😉


Imagine a demon from Hell invading your body, setting every muscle on fire in seconds, then you get a break, but then it keeps coming back for seconds, thirds and fourths to torture you. That’s Les Mills Sprint. Forget about the bike seat already becoming too close and personal with your body–you actually start to fall in love with that seat in order to rest!

Okay, okay–I may be making this class seem like a dramatic soap opera (which it is!), but in all seriousness, it is an amazing workout if you want to get your ass kicked in a short amount of time. The people in the class are great, motivating and are working hard alongside you, which makes you not feel so bad for being out of breath with sweat flowing like the Nile from your pores. The instructor is super cool and inspirational! She calls me Teddy Bear and I call her Kit-Kat because she never gives me a break. She and her husband–who is also an instructor–have returned the favor and have attended my dance classes, so I, in turn, attend theirs consistently. Favors aside though, it’s a great class that has more than gotten me back into shape and has assisted me in becoming the best instructor that I can be once again.

I hope you guys enjoyed this little bit of a day-in-my-life soliloquy. I’m just trying to do better and take care of myself the best that I can. All in hopes that I can inspire each and every one of you Maniacs to take care of yourselves as well! Welp, that’s all for now! Have a great rest of the week y’all! Chat with you soon!


–CAM ❤

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