A Splash of White Wine and Country Time

Happy Saturday, Maniacs! I hope and pray this message finds you all well and sober…or well and tipsy–and not driving! I just wanted to post something short and sweet.

Last time I chatted with you guys was yesterday before I braved the 100-degree weather for a pool party with some incredible people.

For the record: whoever said that people with more melanin in their pigment don’t tan, I’m here to debunk that myth, because I have a farmers tan that makes my former complexion pre-party look light-skinned! Luckily, the theme of the party was to wear our best sun hats! I decided that I’d wear this cowboy hat that one of my students had brought me from their home state of Texas! I felt so authentically southern with it on. Even has a sheriff badge to add some flare!

Lookout, Maniacs, there’s a new sheriff in town!!
Heaven on Earth, honestly.


To accompany the blazing sun, salt-water pool and myriad amounts of dragonflies circling us overhead, the hostess of the party made one of the best Sangrias I’ve ever had! I’ve never been too much of a drinker, but the Sangrias I’ve had have a lot of catching up to do! Country Time lemonade, sliced-diced lemons and lime with a hint of mint sent my taste buds into a frenzy. I’m not sure of how much wine was added, but that’s another conversation for another time! All I knew was that I had three glasses of it and I was feeling mighty real!


Among the drinks, laughs and genuine connections, I had a blast taking care of me this weekend. Even if for just a few hours, I managed to escape the hustle and bustle of life, the tragedies in the world and just be still with nature and the water–a plethora of food and desserts all at my disposal totally added a heavenly touch as well!

I hope you guys are having a great weekend! Remember, you don’t have to be sipping on Sangrias or lavishing yourself in freshly baked chocolate chip cookies or store-bought macaroons–which were indeed delish! You can just do simpler things like reading a book, going on a brisk walk by yourself or with a close friend, maybe even eating moderate (yeah, right!) amounts of chocolate to pass the time. As long as you’re taking care of you, that’s all that matters; A better you equals a better you to serve the people that you care about around you.

Anyways, that’s all from me for now! Love you guys and have a great rest of the weekend! Chat with you soon! Be blessed!


–CAM ❤

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