Happy Fridaaaay!

Hello. Maniacs!! Happy Friday! Just checking in with you guys to see how you’re doing! What did you get into this week? Did you take care of yourself? Did you plan that vacation, start that business, begin that blog that you’ve been fighting yourself over for days on end? Maybe you introduced a new life into the world?

Wherever you are and whatever you’re going through, make sure to take care of you first! You’re only one person and you can only handle so much.

So far my Friday has been lovely. I taught a very sweaty dance class this morning and will be heading to a pool party until I teach my class tonight! Now, between you and I, I’m really a homebody, so going out for this long is an exercise for my spirit. I think I’ll pass the test, as there will be Sangrias, chocolate chip cookies and other goodies to get into 🙂

This week I did something rather different. On my day off from being a dancing fool, a friend of mine brought me along to a Pilates Reformer session. The infamous, Joseph Pilates created this type of exercise towards dancers to bring their body back to an equal balance by increasing flexibility, strength, coordination, core work and balance. At first I wasn’t so sure because the machine looked like something out of kinky film that would get me kicked out of the Christian church. It turned out to be extremely helpful to me and my profession. These machines they use are not cheap! They are a couple-thousand dollars! So, no, they won’t be placed in my house!

Dominatrix? Kink fetish? Nope! It’s a Pilates Reformer.


With that being said, that was my week! Taking care of my body and now an afternoon chilling out in a salt water pool, surrounded by people who lift my spirit and keep me motivated to be the best version of myself that I can be! I don’t think I’m doing too bad of a job.

Look for a couple of post from me this weekend! One of them will be very different! I will be doing a quick review of the new video game, Detroit: Become Human. Something a little different for this blog, but this game really made me think about a few things–Which I will share sometime soon.

detroit become human 4
Detroit: Become Human. One word: AMAZING!


Okay, Maniacs, I must run along to some outdoor festivities! Have a blessed Friday, be good to yourself, be good to others, and chat with you guys soon!!


–CAM ❤

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