The Familiar Stranger

Morning, fellow Maniacs. I had originally had a post that I was working on speaking on the deception of going out to eat and getting perplexed by the calories in these salads at these food joints. It was honestly very humorous if I do say so myself. However, things shifted in a different direction quickly this morning. We had to put my first dog down today. Not an easy morning at all, but I thought I would post this tribute to him instead. Have a wonderful day, Maniacs, and I’ll chat with you soon. ❤


“Oh, Grief—The familiar stranger that looms around whenever tragedy strikes. Few things can make silence that was once loud become ultimately still for me. The warm morning air feels slightly colder now that you’ve come around to take from me once again. But the only way to defeat you is to go through you. And through you shall I go.

This morning, we suddenly had to put our beloved 15-year-old Corgi, Duncan, to sleep. Thank you so much for growing up with me and my brother through high school and providing us with unconditional love. We’ve been through a lot together and you’ve seen us at our worst and our best. Yes, I know you just wanted a snack and some of my meals every now and again, but I still love you nonetheless. Wherever you are, know that your family will always miss you and love you, Duncan. May your journey onto the other side be full of endless plains of grass to run through, with an infinite amount of peanut butter to feast on accompanied by a plethora of rabbits and UPS trucks to chase. Thank you for the memories, the cuddles, the laughs and most importantly, the LOVE.


–CAM IMG_0818

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