Disclaimer: Wanted to share one of the prose that I wrote when I was going through a tough time a few years back. Thank goodness for BodyJam entering my life, as now I live better than before. If you ever feel the way this poem describes, I encourage you to seek counsel images (1)or therapy. They’ve been a blessing in my life and I know that they’ll be in yours. 

“There are now two ways to look at my life. As I am driving to therapy, I have all these thoughts circulating through my head; each one coincidentally stemming off of another. In the past week, keeping my cool has been difficult, though I managed to not go off on anyone. I’m proud of myself in that aspect. Inside my brain, my pride and arrogance may have been growing, but within the deep depths of my spirit I heard a familiar sound. Its intent was soft, but the volume was emphatic. I knew exactly what it was. A scream. I vividly remember the last time I heard this scream. I was sitting down at a conference and the two coworkers with me were Life and Death. I call them coworkers because let’s be honest, there are days when you like your counterparts, and the next day you want them to fall off a cliff. Anyway, this conference was to elaborate on what solutions would be suitable to cease this voice of peril inside of me. Life and I had a hard time really coming up with anything permanent and something that was everlasting. Death moved close to me and grabbed my hand. The power within the handshake gave me chills. These chills were good and I was confident that DEATH had my best interest. Before Death could even pull me out the door, Life rose up from its seat and grabbed me with all its might.

….Still to this day, I feel as if I’m in a tug of war with life and death. I’m sadly the rope in this situation, but I guess that’s how it’s always been and all it’s ever going to be.”

Written in 2013–


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